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Vestal Building Materials

Download Vestal Manufacturing's 2017 building materials catalog.

Originally designed and crafted by Americans, Vestal's Building Materials are the most widely accepted in the single family home building market.

Over sixty years of producing goods of proven performance, quality and durability for home and industry have made Vestal Manufacturing the leader in its field.

America's Largest Producer of:

  • Cast Iron Fireplace Dampers
  • Cast Iron Ash Dumps
  • Cast Iron Cleanout Doors
  • Space Saving Cartoned Wall Ties
  • Dozens of other products for the single-family home

Vestal Steel Fabrication Facts

  • Area- 105,000 Square feet
  • Computerized Scheduling
  • Tool room with fixture design capabilities
  • Bending capability up to 5/8 inch thick or 12 feet long
  • Stamping capacity up to 150 ton
  • Shearing capability up to 1/4 inch thick x 10 feet long
  • Micro wire and tig welding capability
  • Assembly department - drilling, tapping, assembly, and packaging
  • Painting - spray or dip
  • Overhead crane - 10 ton
  • In-house engineering staff

You can always count on Vestal Manufacturing's commercial and residential building products for quality and dependability.

We hope that the above information has been of assistance. If you would like more information, our Sales Department can be reached at 1-800-456-9562.